Odamigo Ways And Rooms is a tourism technology company established in Turkey in 2011 and offers web based service which enables travel agencies to meet with suppliers and wholesalers.

Odamigo Flights offers over 900 air routes on a single platform, including local IATA prices for more than 73 countries and low-cost air routes (LCC) which do not have representatives in Turkey.

With this service Odamigo Flights offers you, you can not only reduce expenses by up to 40%, but also access to SOTO flight tickets and book them.

You can also enjoy more affordable rates on many airlines including THY (between continents, overseas) flights from Turkey compared to GDS.

You can find, search and book all the airlines that do not have representatives in Turkey,difficult or impossible to ticket.

Odamigo Hotel gives same time availability and rates around the world with more than 34 suppliers in more than 380.000 hotels.

Due to multiple suppliers you can find the cheapest rate you need for the hotels you searched for and book instantly.
With Google Maps integrated search engine you can find a hotel even in a destination you do not know,
you can send offers to your clients with pictures, detailed and distance to desired point from the system.

You will have optioned reservations sometimes until 20.00 of the check-in date, so you and your guests will have flexibility and comfort.
Also, you can find numerous availabilities for the same day.

In addition, you can integrate all the reservation from Odamigo with your back office programs so you will get your invoices fast and without error.

Odamigo rails gives you access to national railways of all Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhistan from one platform
and provides the option to paper tickets along with electronic tickets.
You can find rates and book with the easy interface up to 9 people.


Dear Travel Agency Friends,

As you already know, we require TURSAB document for the travel agencies operates by using our products and services.
Only the agencies that acquire this document can use our products and services.
The same conditions goes to NON-IATA and sub-agencies.


It is not allowed by us to give service to agencies do not have TURSAB document and do not operate in tourism
and in the event of determination of such agencies their products and services will be cancelled.
In addition, please inform us or TURSAB written or verbally if you encounter agencies without TURSAB document.

Best Regards